Prepare like a chef with these original recipes

Publications & Creations


Pasta by Hand

My first book is a regional book about Italian pastas that are made by hand. Think gnocchi and add many others that are like potato gnocchi, but use ingredients from the specific regions that they originate from. This book is written in simple language and the recipes are achievable for the home cook and interesting for the restaurant chef.

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Chicken Soup Manifesto - Coming Soon


Book of Greens

Book of Greens is my second book and is a complete encyclopedia of edible, leafy greens.  From common lettuces found in the grocery store to more obscure greens found in Asian groceries and farmer’s markets: how to choose, how to store and how to cook each green is clearly laid out. This book is a fun one all year long, greens are always available.

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Spice Blends

I created a trio of spice blends when I owned an Israeli restaurant, Ray. Customers loved the spices so much, many people asked me to package them so they could cook with the blends at home.


This blend is a workhorse. Use it to marinate chicken or lamb. Season summer melon and figs with salt, shawarma spice blend, and honey.  It is also great stirred into yogurt and used as a dip.

Ras el hanout

This blend is magic. It is made from 25 different spices: some toasted, some not. Season green beans or Brussels sprouts with this complex blend, or use it to make a great nut mix. Stir it into mayonnaise for a lovely sauce to accompany grilled fish.


A warm and sweet chili blend, more fruity than spicy, is a great marinade on steak or lamb. I love using it as a base for soups and stews and adding it to ground beef when making hamburger patties.